Mission Statement

Cascade Precision facilitates the success of our customers through manufacturing innovation.

We partner with our customers to produce quality products that exceed expectations.

Cascade Precision provides:

Our extensive human expertise, manufacturing equipment portfolio, and business structure have been created specifically to provide the highest level of support for our customers. Cascade provides the innovative solutions required to manufacture great products on schedule at a fair price.

Work Statement

Cascade Precision Inc. produces machined components for U.S. manufactures. The products we manufacture are typically complex geometry, tight tolerance parts made from high-end materials.

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Industries Supported


Cascade Precision, Inc. was started in 1953 under the name of Cascade Products, then later became incorporated in 1981 under its current name. Since its inception, Cascade Precision, Inc. has specialized in supplying high-precision machined and formed parts to a variety of high-tech industries. In an ongoing effort to meet our customer's needs, Cascade continually invests in state of the art equipment.

Cascade's fiscally conservative business plan has allowed us to weather the many economic downturns over our long history with continued support of our customers. We are 100% debt-free company that owns both our facility and all of our equipment outright. This provides assurance to our customers of our stable, long-term support even during any cyclic economic downturn. Our long term partnerships with both our customers and our subcontract vendors have created the skill and relationships necessary to support our customer's requirements.

Cascade was an early adopter of CNC technology and over the years has expanded from CNC vertical mills to include CNC horizontal mills, CNC lathes, CNC mill/turn centers, CNC Swiss lathes and a dedicated assembly room. Cascade uses a full ERP system that provides account maintenance, job scheduling and process control for each job. Cascade continues at the forefront of the digital design world by fully supporting the direct import of digital part models into CNC machine code, digital 3-D simulation of machine operation using the CNC code and finally implementation of the CNC code at the physical machining center.


Located just north of Seattle in Mukilteo Washington, Cascade serves both local and national customers.

The high-tech environment of the Seattle metropolitan area has fostered healthy competition providing the benefits of competitive pricing and quality service to our customers. The greater Seattle technology corridor also provides excellent support options for subcontract processes such as heat treatment, plating, painting, and laser etching.

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